Congratulations Earl Moyer!

…we were part of the team that constructed the University of Arizona’s Video-board.


This is the week.  A moment in life worth celebrating.

Earl Moyer’s last week at Kappcon.  I can’t even begin to express my admiration, respect, gratitude, and appreciation of Earl’s career in Construction.

You are invited to a Retirement Gathering on Saturday, October 19, 2019 3:00 – 6:00 PM at the Culinary Dropout (Tucson & Grant).

A few facts about Earl’s career:

  • In 1987, Earl Moyer was hired at Tucson Building & Remodeling.
  • In 2009, Earl Moyer was hired at Kappcon, and became one of our very first employees.
  • I wonder if he envisioned staying with TBR for 22 years and then with Kappcon for 10 years.
  • Those 32 years are only part of the construction story for Earl.  He already had decades of experience when he and Betty moved to Tucson.
  • I just counted and he has Superintended, Project Managed, performed Total Station Layout, or made other Key project contributions on 75 Projects for Kappcon.
  • 6 Months ago, Earl Started his final project, Grace Church, as both the Superintendent and Project Manager.  He completed it on time and under budget!

He has set a quality standard for all of us to aspire to.

Earl has been THE EXPERT on Layout with a Total Station (and with batter boards), Carpentry, How to utilize a Workshop, Commercial Doors & Hardware, Reading Plans, Concrete Forming, Knowing his Subcontractors, Knowing the Construction Administration Process, Keeping his jobsite safe, Keeping the Architect Happy, working out solutions with all types of Characters in the field and office, and GOING THE EXTRA MILE.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, October 19 for this celebration.

 Please take a minute to congratulate Earl this week 520-631-5917

Thank you to everyone that came to our event!  It was a fantastic time.




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